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Update to Vapor 4

When will the book be updated to cover Vapor 4?


@gjzwart see Book update for Vapor 4

But basically we need to wait for Vapor 4 to be finished before we can start work in earnest on the book, so it depends on when Vapor 4 is released. Rest assured that as soon as it is released the book update will start and it won’t be too far behind!


Out of interest, has work begun on updating the book now that Vapor 4 is in release candidate?

Really looking forward to reading it cover to cover.


Yes work has begun, though being completely up front it’s starting off pretty slowly as there is still a lot of syntactic sugar that Vapor needs to make it nice for beginners so I’m spending time working on that and discussing improvements to Vapor 4 before writing the update and having to change it all again.


Any ETA of the next edition?

No ETA to share at this time I’m afraid (still waiting on all the Vapor packages to actually be tagged and released)

Ok. We have started a new project and wanted to do the back end in Vapor, but for the moment back end prototyping is done in PHP. There is no use in trying to go for Vapor when the documentation is lacking. The current book covers Vapor 3 in such detail, it could be used as all the documentation needed, so when it’s updated to 4, its pretty much enough for getting it all done. So we are really looking forward and waiting for the update.


Not gonna wait anymore, we are getting the “Practical Server Side Swift” book by Tibor Bödecs. We will probably not buy any of the RW books anymore since the books can’t be trusted to get an update within a reasonable time.

Hi @gjzwart, I understand the frustration with the lack of updates but we’re constrained until all of Vapor 4 is released. Until all the packages like Fluent and Leaf are released we need to wait. The update is definitely on going and we’ve made good progress but we don’t want to release something that could well change down the line to ensure we don’t confuse readers.

@gjzwart, I actually bought the book from Tibor, and I’d suggest you to buy it. It tooks an other approach in the way it is build, and I think it’s a great complement to the one from @0xtim, specially if you are a beginner. It helps me having a better understanding on some full-stack subtleties that we have to understand in order to master the behind the scene of a web app.

@0xtim, I understand that you can’t give an ETA since Vapor 4 releases are not under your control, but I guess the update on the book is pretty much already written ? Can’t you release an early access like you did with the Vapor 3 edition ? Thanks for your work !

@nidupb large parts are yes, but I know that Leaf will potentially have some breaking changes so we’re holding off on those parts. I’ll discuss with the team about the possibility of doing some sort of early access release


That would be fantastic, thanks !

I bought Tibors book, and its great, I really loved it. Tim’s book is awsome,and I do appreciate his effort. Documentation for Vapor 4 is almost not existing, but since @0xtim is on the Vapor team, I expected his book to be up to date pretty fast.

Just for clarification - I’m not on the Core Vapor team. I work closely with them, and contribute a lot but I have no official role on the team


Hi @0xtim, do you have any feedbacks from the discussion with your team ? thanks !

@nidupb yep looks like we should be able to do an early release (almost confirmed, but not a complete guarantee - there are a couple of small issues to work with but it should be fine). So once Fluent is tagged we can push all the relevant chapters through the editors and get an early release out for some of the book


Hi @0xtim is there a publication date for the updated Vapor 4 book? Early releases are also welcome. Fluent is now 4.0.0 tagged! Any information will be appreciated!


@0xtim Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]


Hey @boersma. Unfortunately I still don’t have a publication date for the updated Vapor 4 book - Leaf and a few other dependencies still haven’t been released yet, and I know there are some breaking changes coming to Leaf.

With that being said! We are planning an early access release, all the chapters for the early access release have been updated and are currently being edited so hopefully not long. We have a team meeting next week, so I’ll try and get some more concrete information then


Hi all, just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. The EA release should be soon and shouldn’t take long once the chapters are all tied off. I’ve had a few fixes to do in a couple of chapters but they won’t take long