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Open Call for Video Tutorial Suggestions!


I’d totally love to see a series on how to implement MVVM with ReactiveCocoa.


A way to download the videos for offline podcast type viewing. Is there a way?


My wish list:

  • In app purchases
  • Best practices for ads, especially since iAds is gone.
  • Game center - setting up sessions including turn based
  • Running games over either wifi, bluetooth or game center
  • Having an app interact with Apple TV (iOS app using Apple TV as a display screen)


It would be great if you will show how to create advanced design features via storyboards and .xib files (with custom controls, custom bars and fonts). In Sketch mockups look so great, but it is often pretty difficult to translate it into storyboards.


Yup. How about a macOS equivalent of everything that’s already been posted that’s iOS specific?

Tutorials, Videos, Books etc.

I really don’t understand why macOS takes second stage to iOS.
Is there less demand?
A smaller audience?
Too wider scope?
Less staff on with macOS knowledge?
Or something else?

macOS app development is all I’m really invested in. There’s dozens and dozens of tutorials available for iOS from different web sites already. Have you been to lately? It’s saturated with iOS 10 and Swift 3 tutorials. All covering the same basic stuff. Nothing at all about creating macOS apps with Swift 3.

Even seems to have stopped, or at least put on hold, what was the go-to resource for macOS development “Cocoa Programming: For Mac OS X”.

Seems like a big gap in the market waiting to be filled by someone.

Meh. But what do I know?


Would like a in-depth Video tutorial for keyframe animation application which would scrolling app intros like the onboarding process. there are lots of tutorial for on boarding but not on a scroll based intros. using the UIBrezer path to move element,stack and pop element based on the content scroll. Some thing very similar to IFTTT. a Coded design approach would be much appreciated.


Yes you would think that macOS programming would be a more sought-after skill. I think it will be but it is just taking a little more time. With iOS we had the great gold rush of app development and so there was a huge demand from people with ideas to build things that didn’t exist. With macOS development you have a lot of people becoming interested especially as Apple gains ground in terms of market share but a lot of the ideas people have are for things that are going to compete with apps that are already well established.

Having done a small amount of macOS development I can tell you it is way, way harder than iOS. iOS benefited from a decade of Apple engineers knowing what parts of macOS could have been better designed and being able to start with a clean slate. Maybe the toughest part is knowing how you do something in iOS and then finding out the macOS way is very, very difficult, even sometimes outright backwards compared to what you are used to. Every programmer I worked with who was switching from a macOS project back to an iOS one would remark how much easier it was!

But there is hope - were starting to see some more macOS tutorials here and anyone with the skill and time to write or film more would be welcomed I am sure.


Are you guys open to making tutorials for Cozmo SDK? Integrate Cozmo with Swift, IFTTT, Facebook, Twitter, ect.? Thank you.


I think it would be pretty cool - I’m very interested in AI and robotics. Have you had a look at Write For Us?


Many of us (mistakenly) have submitted apps to the app store and those apps were not free. As soon as I realized that the freemium model with in-app purchases was the way to go, I did that and I have had many, many more downloads and in-app purchases than my paid app.
Now, I would like to convert my paid app to the freemium model with an in-app purchase.
The problem is trying to locally parse the receipt on the device to determine purchase date and version so that I can give those users credit for the in-app purchase that basically gives them full access.
I have gone through the in-app purchase series and was able to use it to get in-app purchases working in my apps, but as soon as it gets to the OpenSSL and parsing the receipt, there is not enough detail for me to proceed.
I would love to see a series that is detailed and step by step on converting a paid app to free with in-app purchases.


An Intro to Android Development tutorial would be good. There are a few random android tutorials, but there isn’t a single video on it. Even just a small getting started tutorial would be helpful


I would really love to see a section on Core Data <-> CloudKit synchronization. This is something that I think many would find extremely useful.
I want to build an iOS and a MacOS app that synchronizes data across devices so I thought that CloudKit is the way to go. The data will be stored locally using Core Data, but I want to send changes up to CloudKit and make sure that all other devices are in sync.

I have done a lot of searching on this, but there is no simple, step-by-step tutorial for this.


Design Patterns: Please explain how to make a MVVM pattern in iOS application without using Reactive Cocoa


@rwenderlich Hey Rey,
First of all thanks for Nice collections of Tutorials on your website !!

You have post an tutorial on App architecture with a demo project.
I know on this topic there is an video tutorial but that’s not free.:slight_smile:
Please write on this , It will really helpful for Beginner/Students to improve their project structure and coding.

Best wishes for all your Team:)

Aashish Tyagi


Hi, more tutorials on MacOS development would be nice. Also a book on MacOS plz :smiley:


A tutorial to stream live video from an iPhone and make it available for other users (like periscope or Facebook live)

@rwenderlich does one of the books or one the subscriber’s videos cover this?


Ray – could we see a tutorial on how to create an sdk / reusable library for others?


I would really like to see a tutorial on how to manage in-game currency securely… I’m especially interested in implementing coins, as they appear in games like “toy blast,” that are not very (or maybe totally not?) vulnerable to hackers, that use apple’s backend, or some other free back end, or even interface with ad/ analytics sites, where transactions are all logged, to facilitate good customer service, if necessary.


Guys how do I write in swift code how a character takes damage from another character by doing melee damage and missile damage?


This is a suggestion on format and presentation of all video tutorials in general. Maybe others can comment whether they also feel the same, or not.

  1. Show what the final product looks like as the first thing. So people can quick gauge whether this is what they are trying to achieve. This is mostly already done fairly well by videos here. Awesome stuff!
  2. Narrate the step by step, ideally at normal coding speed or slightly slower, so people can follow along without fumbling with the pause button or rewinding, etc. People that want it to run faster can always play it at faster speeds. Stuff like copy and pasting a huge blocks of code is a horrible no-no. Lengthy concept explanations should be done only when the cursor is stopped!
  3. Unless it’s obviously basic, or covered by other tutorials, do not leave any lines of codes unexplained! Once the mind has a gap in understanding the rest of the tutorial becomes un-followable!

Thanks for the efforts on video tutorials anyways tho (even tho we kinda paid for them…)