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Open Call for Video Tutorial Suggestions!


In terms of topic I would love to see. I am more interested in videos that might teach design and architecture. For example

  • Caching strategy and architecture for data off the internet, including memory based cache along with file based cache.
  • Cache/saving of state for app to survive segue unwinds/app sent to background/app closed
  • View controller re-use and strategies to manage large apps with many view controllers and a lot of inter-view controller transitions.



I hada suggestion for a video tutorial. Could please do a tutorial where you should how to setup Angular in a vapor project?


I would love to know how to make a children’s interactive book library app. I know you have this tutorial but I would like to know how to put a whole library of books into one app with either a subscription or the opportunity to unlock extra books for a fee. Something similar to the pickatale app would be great! I’m pretty new to this so if there is already a tutorial out there, I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.



Tammy @paradox927 mentioned in this video that she uses nibs.

I would like an in-depth tutorial on the topic.

There are many tutorials on youtube that go over the basics but they don’t explain what a file’s owner is.
In a real world situation you are most likely using nibs because you want to reuse them throughout multiple view controllers (table view cell).
Youtube tutorials don’t mention these concerns.

I’m personally using pure code for reusable views, nibs would save lots of time.

I would pay for this.


Not sure if this is the right place, but:

Are there any tutorials that show how to handle changing from portrait to landscape on a device, or how to lay out an app for multiple, different sized devices?

I’d like to handle the turn between portrait and landscape, without having to duplicate all the code, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Generically moving from iPhone to iPad would be nice too. There just doesn’t seem to be a mention of this anywhere that I’ve seen; at least not in easily understandable terms.


@rpural Yes - this course should be what you need:


I would love to see a tutorial/Course on Realm Object Server and Realm Mobile, in as much depth as the Firebase course.
Would love to see how to create users on the Realm Object server and authenticate.



I wonder if you can do something on CoreML, especially doing realtime recognition (like the demo they did on-stage but didn’t release the source code).
The current CoreML tutorials here touch on submitting one image at a time, but recognition from video is a different beast to handle, especially these problematics:

  • Use a video session and get the correct frames
  • Being able to do tracking of an object on video (or better, with depth via ARKit)
  • Normalizing results (multiple frames can give different recognitions at different confidence levels, but having flashing text on screen at high framerate would be a bad experience, so need to find a strategy on showing and maintaining consistent results)


Thanks for the suggestion - we are definitely keeping this in mind.

FYI this post by @hollance covers your first two points:


Thank you,
Great article, and he has some good stuff on his GitHub as well, a good find.
Looking forward to a tutorial on here as well.


Parse-Server Tutorials!


I’m probably the only person on the planet but, I’d love to see more SiriKit stuff. I use Siri a fair bit since I got the dedicated Siri button the the MBP, and I’d love to see more development stuff on it.


I would like to see more on completion closures (blocks). Greg has a great video (as usual) on closures, but does not directly address completion closures. This is fairly complex code that is not covered very extensively in the tutorials.



@tomws Have you seen this video:

If so, what would you like to see that the above video doesn’t cover?


When I do a search for closures, this video did not show up. Not sure how it got missed - it is yet another great introduction to closures. It may start to get too busy, but what could be added is an example with how closures help with async code. HealthKit queries or reading workouts, for example. If may be beneficial, just from the viewpoint of approaching it from a different angle, of explaining all of the different arguments for one of these examples and how the method is implemented. And is completion a dated term now? If not, perhaps a short comment on completion closures.


Thanks Tom, that’s a good idea! :]


I would love to see a tourturial about document based apps, like your iCloud and uidocument beyond basics torturial, but updated with UIdocumentbrowser and open in place. Like shown in Building great document based apps in iOS 11 from WWDC 2017.


I would expend :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: for help making sense of Apple’s Audio Units – including the template, which doesn’t even compile in Xcode 9.2. Information is so hard to come by, and the ‘definitive’ book on the subject is 6 years old (and still in first Edition).

Howabout some new tutorials on making AU plugins and instruments for Mac (secondarily for iOS, mainly for Mac to use in DAW)? In-depth tutorials on Audio Units? and/or more on the AudioKit framework?

The official Audio Units documentation :-1:

The book (First Edition = 2012 :-1:):

AudioKit (:+1:):


I would love a video course about ReSwift :slight_smile: From simple app to more complicated one. Best practices for network and probably RxSwift for the updating UI part :slight_smile:


I would love to see a tutorials serie about the GameplayKit framework ! :space_invader: