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Open Call for Video Tutorial Suggestions!


What apps specifically do you want to know how to make? We have done some like this in the past, for example How to Make a Game Like Flappy Bird.


I’m not into game design.I currently do not have anything in my mind. I want to learn app architecture how app is designed from A-Z.


Have you looked at the iOS Apprentice series? It’s a great place to start.


Yeah, This is the beginning series. I’m looking for material like design patterns, architecture in swift.


Internal enterprise apps are making a move to oAuth as a single sign-on method via the SFSafariViewcontroller. I would love to see some videos on the ins and outs of the SFViewController. Tips on interacting with the HTTP response headers. Tips on how to customize the SFSafariViewcontroller and make it look and feel like a native part of your app as opposed to a browser page barging in on your pretty app. Also, tips on how to implement SSO with two apps using the SFSafariViewController.


About Bluetooth or Airdrop


MacOS would be nice. We can start with MacOS 101 tutorials, like the one you guys have for iOS. :slight_smile: thank you.


I’d be interested in something specifcally focussed on visual design from the perspective of a developer (i.e. someone who isn’t a UI/UX designer), things to consider and then how to translate that your app. For example taking a visually ugly app with UX issues and the process of turning it into something that is good to look at and pleasant to use.


I would love to see an updated tutorial on generating a PDF file in iOS from something like a summary view in an app. The most recent PDF tutorial you seem to offer was for iOS 5.


I hope you can make the PDF document more detailed as I cannot watch video anytime.for instance I went outside but I wanna learn ,the data is limited ,so we can read the offline PDF I downloaded from the link…Thank you so much,add more contents here such as complex Interface and so on…That’s all I wanna say.Thank you so much,honor to know you here and learn more from here…


What about a tutorial / course on Xamarin?

It’s one of the hot topic these days, isn’t it.


I recently had a lot of fun playing around with the witAI… would love to see a tutorial with some really cool uses of it!


Hello, learn to make a favorites list. For example I Ten views with each submission of a place. on every view I have a button to bookmark. When I click on this button an image and a label is copied into a table that will be the favorite. Then when the user is on his list of favorites directly he has the opportunity to return to the page from which the list was created. Creation of this method with or without segue segue. Biensur a little more advanced than the creation of a todo list that I saw on the website. If you have something that would be great. thank you in advance


I have downloaded your books and am a new subscriber to the video tutorials.
I like the idea of being able to reference both sources to help clarify any and or all
subject matter in learning Swift programming. Using both sources helps to reinforce and accelerate my learning process.

As a beginning Swift programmer, I’d like to see a video that explains the
proper sizing of app icons and button sizes, using pixels. I’m referring to the icons and graphics that are stored under “Assets” in each app. I can’t afford a graphics artist, at this time, so I want to use Pixelmator to make these graphics myself until I become a whiz bang developer like a lot of you guys.

As far as the examples, you could just explain the different pixel sizes, for each device, by just using a plain solid-colored square cube, for icon and button examples. (no fancy graphics for this tutorial). This would help clarify the size differences, in pixels, for icons and button graphics for all the different form factors of the iPhones and iPads so that they would display correctly, for all the different screen sizes.

I hope I’ve presented a clear picture of my request.




For icon sizes, it’s a pretty simple matter, you can find the list on websites such as
They even offer you to export the correct sizes for you if you input an original image.

Different versions of Xcode and iOS have different requirements, but generally speaking, if you compile your app, it will tell you which icons are missing.
Now, if you go on each one of them and click on it, the right side pane will tell you the exact size needed.
And a simple rule of thumb: You multiply the number of points by the @ number, so:
Icon-29@2x = 29 x 2 = 58px by 58px
Icon-60@3x = 60 x 3 = 180px by 180px


Thanks for your response, insight and details for creating iDevice icons.



Two additional points on icon sizes.
To get an easy list of all the device icons required open (in Xcode) the Assets.xcassets item in any current project, and look at the AppIcon item. Fill all the spaces and your app icon requirements are met (though the store is a different matter).
A quick check to make whenever you have a new set of assets is that the @2x icons are always an even number of pixels. If they are not then they are not exactly double the regular assets and they will probably be ignored. The @2x means exactly 2x and @3x means exactly 3x - if you miss one of these you might never know that an asset has been ignored and people are seeing blurry icons or images.



Thanks again for the additional information on app icons.



It would be really great to see a revised CloudKit video tutorial series. The framework has changed considerably with iOS10 and Swift 3.

Key sections to explain would be shared databases and the revised subscription/notification features.

I really hope you can put this one together - quick!




I would like to see design patterns series. it would contain patterns like MVC,MVVM,Facade… With example applications