Inspiration / Advice


First, I want to apologize if you find this post missposted.
I have been through both Metal and SceneKit books.
And sincerely, skills from people here are impressive.

No doubt you have to knowledge to provide me with the advice I seek.

Imagine, your are in a 3D game.
Style FPS.

I want the player character to be able to go down though this hole in the upper left part of the room.

As I am not at all experienced in game development, I want to keep it simple.
Therefore, I would tend to:

  1. Make the floor a cube mesh.
  2. Detect the player is on the hole by collision detection between a cylinder placed were the hole is.
  3. Make the floor lose his rigid body propertly ; for the player point of view only
  4. So will the player go down …

Is it too simple? What you think? Any post somewhere to read? So far, I found nothing on the internet…

Take care


I have no advice to offer, I’m afraid. It sounds plausible. Just a matter of try and see I guess.

@behr Do you still have issues with this?