Error when compiling Textures for macOS

Figured… I wish Apple and NVIDIA would make nice.

There were some issues with the tessellation stuff. I’m guessing compute kernels are no good on NVIDIA cards.

I think I remember some issues with threads when you’re setting up the compute shader, yes. Unfortunately my NVIDIA MacBook Pro appears to have died this morning, so I can’t check it.

Too bad you can’t swap your new MBP keyboard with that old one.

I actually like the new Touch Bar and fingerprint, and I use an external keyboard and monitor most of the time anyway :slight_smile:

This one looks fun, I am running into it too on default hardware:

Started a discussion on apple forums

Updating: Change discussion here:

Another update: change the Target from 10.15 to 10.14 fixes this issue but that is really not acceptable. I opened an issue with Apple #FB7647328

I would encourage other people who have this issue to do the same using Feedback Assistant so we can get it fixed.

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If you take the textures out of the asset catalog and just have them in a folder, and change the .mtl files so that the maps have .png on the end, then that will work too.

Pity. I like asset catalogs.

I opened a ‘code level support’ ticket with Apple, I am hoping to find some magic here. Asset Catalogs should not have broken in 10.15. I imagine they have them patched in next beta.

I’m doing the same. Using 10.14 isn’t really future-proof :slight_smile:

Great! The race to the solution begins!

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I’m seeing this issue as well on a 2018 MBP on macOS 10.15.4 (19E287). It did however work a couple of days ago so I suspect a recent OS update or something.

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@a2l out of curiosity, did you update your Xcode recently?

Looking in the update history I haven’t updated Xcode since I got this issue, there is however, two Mac OS 10.15.4 updates - the last one being a supplemental one. Apparently the latest OS updates have caused a lot of problems for people (

Hey all, just wanted to report that I recently got the update to Xcode which v11.4.1. It appears that whatever was causing the Asset Catalogs to error was mended.

Can anyone else confirm that that working with 10.15 and Xcode 11.4.1?

Once installed be sure to delete the files/folders in the following folders and restart Xcode:


And potentially:

~/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport/

I’m not seeing that unfortunately on macOS for 10.15. It works for 10.14

For iOS I deleted DerivedData, but not the other folder and it works on iOS 13.0 and 13.4.

I am downloading Xcode 11.4.1 and will run the test afterwards


MacBookPro running with MacOs 10.15.4 (19E287)
Xcode Version 11.4.1 (11E503a)
Open final project of chapter 6

Compiling with Mac OS Deployment target : 10.15

Build is a fail


Compiling with Mac OS Deployment target : 10.14

Build is a success

Compiling with iOS Deployment target : default (do not know what it means)

Build is a success



After messing around I found I stupidly missed that I had opened the 10.14 version of my project…

I did hear back from Apple. It sounds like this might be a forever problem I am trying to get them to understand the issue. They unfortunately side stepped my question about the actool and want to talk about the choice in PNG format (which is fair, in a normal prod environment we would want to use another format)

I will keep talking with them but for now, @Caroline you may need to think about revisiting the AC usage :/. Its not ideal but could be an opportunity to talk about packed image formats??? Happy to help out with that!

In theory, the whole scene should be pre-encoded to match the specific engine. There’s a good example of that in Apple’s Model I/O sample from Art to Engine:

I think that ASTC is mentioned, but did you have another packed image format in mind? Apple’s newest amazing sample of Amazon’s Bistro uses ktx I believe.

That’s a nice thing about asset catalogs. You can import pngs into your catalog, but change the pixel format to ASTC.