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Hi @rbondoc can you please share the transcript of the videos it will be very useful in helping us create efficient notes ?

@rbondoc Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

How would we move that menu icon to the left hand side instead of being locked to the right? :smiley:

@stefannovak Do you still have issues with this?

On my (virtual Device) Pixcel 2 the menue doesn’t show up, nor is the method onCreateOptionsMenu called.
This happens in my solution and also in the solution from downloaded materials.

-> I searched a while in google but found no solution, so i continue with the course without menu.

I found it myself now!
at ~ 4:14 you let the return keyword in return super… tho the rest of the method is not called.
This is wrong in your Video and also in the downloadable Materials.
You should check your Video. In the original for Kotlin 1.2 this is correct.

@thludwig Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated!