Your First iOS App - Part 26: Challenge: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Practice some coding basics by modifying Bull's Eye to display the player's total score.

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I was following along with the video and my game simulated started crashing, it said this:

can you please help.

Your slider outlet is not hooked up to the storyboard. It has an open circle next to it, unlike the filled ones next to the targetLabel and scoreLabel outlets, and the showHitMeAlert() func. The code is breaking on the line with slider.value.rounded(), because slider is nil.

You should be able to fix it on the storyboard, hooking it up the same way you did the other two outlets.

The player’s total score is not being awarded the bonus points for Perfect or <5. I checked your Xcode project and it doesn’t award the bonus points either. Solution?

@willpugh What errors do you get exactly?