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Is this video unavailable now that there is an updated version for SwiftUI? I am a teacher and because of when Apple rolled out the update I am going to stick with UIKits and would like to give this as a tool for students to use. Thanks for the help.

Yep, this course is still available! In fact it’s still valid/important, as the majority of apps still use UIKit these days (and SwiftUI is still in the early stages of development). Good luck with your course! :]

iPhone SE isn’t available as an option, do you recommend a specific different one or is it okay to just use any of them?

You can use the iPhone 8 simulator instead.

Hello teacher! There are lots of error bacause Xcode ver is 11 I think.
~ is only available in iOS or newer.
So I wrote @available(iOS 13.0, *) in entire class. There is no problem?