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Your First iOS and SwiftUI App · Styling the Buttons and Slider |

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Hi, I am using XCODE 11.1 and macOS Catalina and I found a bug in the button image background. Instead of rendering the image as the background, it rendered the accent color.

I can confirm, I get the same bug.

How i can fix it?

Is there a fix or workaround? When I set the button’s image background, I just see the a blue button. Adding the shadow modifier allows the text to bleed through. The Inspector also stops working. Back to the UIKit tutorial I guess.

@gariyanto I have the same problem with you.
And I find that I can’t override the style, so the text in button still has shadow style. The text shadow is inherited from button style, and I can not override this style. I am very confusing

Getting the same. Anything in docs?


I’ve done it like this and everything works

Solution: .background(Image(“Button”).renderingMode(.original))

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