Xib vs Storyboard

I notice in some of the projects, for example Mic Pringles series on Custom CollectionViews, that they use LaunchScreen.xib rather than LaunchScreen.storyboard. Is there any particular reason for this?

It doesn’t matter much for LaunchScreen… I’d be more interested following this topic about the whole app UI/View Controllers. I’m more used to storyboards but I’d like to read opinions on Xibs too. Also Xibs look to me more buggy, on old iPhones (like 4s), sometimes if you press multiple times a button which push a new viewcontroller, it gets pushed multiple times like it’s getting added onto the stack (happens even in Apple’s Photos app). In storyboards instead this doesn’t happen as they look more thread-safe… Or at least it seems to me.
Also some developers don’t use IB at all and develop whole app UI in code, like Trivia Crack (I examined IPA and there are no NIBs)

I think some of that has been covered in https://www.raywenderlich.com/51992/storyboards-vs-nibs-vs-code-the-great-debate I’m just curious if there are any specific reasons for using a Xib for the LaunchScreen or is it just coincidence.

Oh I missed that… Anyway, among a Xib and storyboard for a launchscreen it changes really few … Also because the storyboard can contain one view(controller) only… I personally use the storyboard just because Xcode makes default so. Probably it’s more common for beginners as they see the same interface of Main.storyboard