xCode help with auto-sizing iPads

I’m a novice - I built my first iPad app and it works fine on the smaller 9.7 iPads but does not resize for the larger iPads. How can I fix this? Do you know if a developer can publish 2 apps very similar with one with bigger graphics on the iTunes App Store? Tweaked for the larger iPads. Months of work came to a dead stop, Thanks Mark Herrick

Hi @sparky121, welcome to the Ray Wenderlich forum community! Are you setting the constraints programmatically or with a storyboard? Have you tried testing the app on the larger iPads with the simulator or real devices? As for having 2 apps on the app store that are similar, I would try to avoid submitting two similar apps as a best practice, and to avoid rejections if Apple discovers that a previous app has similar features or designs. I’d also suspect that having one app that does what both can do would be less confusing for your users.


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Thanks for replying Gina - I did try to set the constraints in storyboard but it seem to dislocate them

as I went on within the program. I needed precise areas set for the keyboard layouts. It wanted to

convensate and auto-adjust these buttons which screwed it all up. When I left the constraints off the

program ran ok on my 9.7. I didn’t know if a real larger iPad 12 would do the resizing or not.

The program is still in Beta testing on the App Store. Do you own an iPad?

Its a shame to have this so close to being finished and yet not make it.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Mark

@sparky121 Do you still have issues with this?

Yes! Thanks for replying. My app has several keyboards - Pianos on different view controllers. Do I need to add constraints on every page and then add them again for each different sized iPad?

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