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Xcode 11 hangs, project file appears faded in navigator, can't recover

I’m working through Chapter 4 and for the second time Xcode 11 has just started hanging, claiming it’s no longer able to build the project even though command line builds with xcodebuild work fine. The project icon appears faded and no source files are visible in the navigator:

And trying to build produces the following in the log output:

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Verify final result code for completed build operation

Build operation failed without specifying any errors. Individual build tasks may have failed for unknown reasons.

One possible cause is if there are too many (possibly zombie) processes; in this case, rebooting may fix the problem.

Some individual build task failures (up to 12) may be listed below.

Has anyone else come across this? How can I resolve it? Neither deleting the build folder or restarting my Mac fixes the issue.

EDIT: Tried some more stuff

  • wipe the contents of the directory and copy everything back from the zip – failed
  • same as above, but rename the directory from path/to/book/lldb to path/to/lldb-reversing – succeeded. Maybe it had to do with having lldb in the path?

@lolgrep Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

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