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WWDC20 - Book Update?

Hi, with this amazing new changes on SwiftUI, does this book will have an update?


I’m pretty sure there will be considering how important SwiftUI is getting.

The books are normally updated at the end of the beta period but since all the current changes to swiftUI are only additive everything in the book is still valid

@fdorado985 Thanks very much for your question!

All of our books are updated, typically once a year with a new edition. If you have purchased a copy, then you are eligible for the updates. So to answer your specific question about SwiftUI, we most definitely will be working on updating the book to include all of the recent developments, changes, and improvements in the SwiftUI API from WWDC2020, and will gradually update the current chapters, as well as include new chapters to discuss new content. Unfortunately this will take time, so please bear with us :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.

All the best!

What? You didn’t have them ready for WWDC? :slight_smile:

@pinkamena Unfortunately, Apple is VERY hush hush when it comes to its new releases, so we’re forced to wait like everyone else. We’re good, but not THAT good :slight_smile:

Hang in there, it’s not an issue of “if” but “when” the updates will be available :slight_smile:

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