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Wish you could control time?

I’m a product manager for a big global app at a big global company and I spend all day every day talking to people from all across the globe.

My backend team is in New Zealand, frontend team is in Sweden, Director is in Singapore, Snr Director is in Australia and I’m in the UK.

Its pretty hellish at times. Trying to find a balance between collaborating asynchronously vs having a call with people gets challenging across those timezones.

So I created this:

If you work with teams across different timezones, I hope you find this app as useful as I do!

That’s awesome @elliotw. Thank you for sharing your app and congrats on the launch! :tada:

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It all started with me reading Ray Wenderlich tutorials all those years ago :slight_smile:

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The RW tutorials helped me as well when I first started learning. Everyone on the team works really hard and they make a huge impact on the developer community!