Will raywenderlich.com Books Be Updated in 2020? | raywenderlich.com

We’re happy to announce we’ll be updating many of our books in the coming months — and we have some great new titles underway!

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Didn’t see Server Side Swift with Vapor in the iOS/Swift list or the what’s coming list. Is it anticipated that an update for Vapor 4 will be out this year?

And the book 2D Apple Games by Tutorials? Is in the scope? in a future?

Hi, again! No, we won’t be updating the books that we’ve already deprecated, unfortunately, including 2D Apple Games by Tutorials.

The lists of books being updated appears alphabetical, will you provide an approximate order of when the updates are expected by book at all? Or is that just too dependent on individual author updates?

Hello! Thanks for reaching out.

The schedule is still in flux and is quite dependent on industry changes and team availability. Some great news is that we’ll have more information within a week on the books we will have updated for October!


@betachieftain Please check out the latest version of the Vapor book when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!