When is the final version of the book expected?

Sorry If I missed seeing the release date.


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@mmuldoon We don’t have a final release date yet. I will let you know when I know more. Thank you!

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I don’t think we’ve announced a specific date, but I believe the plan is to have the full book out some time in April.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the chapters we’ve released so far, and appreciate your patience while we finish up everything! :slight_smile:


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I have some extra time in the following next 3 month and I will like to study this book. Are most of the chapters completed? If I buy the book now, will I benefit from it or better wait for the book to be completed.

Thank you!

All the chapters are complete, but there are still some behind-the-scenes tasks to finish before we can officially release the full book. There are several chapters already available, so you’ll have content to get started with if you buy it now. Or you can wait until probably closer to the end of the month to get everything at once.

Either way, we hope you enjoy it when you read it!


@mmuldoon @praxon48 The book has just been released:


Good luck with it! :]

Is there any reason there isn’t code downloads like all the other books have?

That sounds like an error — it definitely should include the code as well. We’ll look into what’s going and and get back to you.


@warplydesigned: seems to be a bug on the store page; I’m having our Managing editor re-upload it right now. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll update here when it’s available!

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Seems to be fixed now folks - thanks for your patience!

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In what you need part

「The code covered in this book depends on Swift 4 and Xcode 10 — you may get lost if you try to work with an older version.」

摘錄自: By Audrey Tam & Matthijs Hollemans. 「Machine Learning by Tutorials」。 Apple Books.

It should be Swift 5 , right?

Yes, the projects are all built with Swift 5. We started with version 4 and must have missed that sentence when updating things. We’ll fix it for the next release. Thanks!