What to choose for Server Side Swift Frameworks?

Hi ,
I’m Swift Developer for more than 2 years

I noticed that Firebase not good enough all the times
And depends on others developers to create API is annoying some times

so I thinking to learn Server Side Swift to make my own APIs

but there is three Frameworks

Kitura , Vapor , Perfect

What should I choose and start leaning ?

Hi @x901,
If you are fine using IBM deployment tools and platform then by all means go ahead with Kitura.

Vapor is the easiest and most advanced so far, perfect is also not far but in my opinion vapor is easier to use and scale in terms of code complexity.

There are free videos on this site for both Vapor and Perfect and a book on using Vapor (https://store.raywenderlich.com/products/server-side-swift-with-vapor).



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@x901 Thanks very much for your question!

Here is an article that compares the three frameworks that you may find interesting!

I hope this helps!

All the best.

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