What does "out of the blue" mean?

in page 23,
Using Swift requires much more typing. In addition, when stopping the debugger out of the blue, or on Objective-C code, LLDB will default to Objective-C.

and page 74,
You stopped the debugger out of the blue! Remember, LLDB will default to Objective-C; you’ll need to use the -l option to stay in the Swift context:

I don’t understand what is the “out of the blue”
How can i check this in Xcode?

As far as I can see here, this is just an expression meaning “suddenly, without warning”. I do not think it has technical connotations. I do not think I have heard this expression in a long while though. It was kind of cool.

Peace, Myst

Hi @woorazilboy! Like myst mentioned, “out of the blue” is an informal expression that generally means an event that occurs unexpectedly. Happy coding!


‘Stopping the debugger out of the blue’ means stopping by pressing the ‘pause program execution’ button in Xcode. I guess :slight_smile:


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