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Warnings with .xcworkspace build stops progress on RxSwift tutorials

I am keen to start your tutorial on Reactive Programming with Swift (and hope to learn as much as I did from Swift Apprentice, thank you!)

Following tutorial recommendations on pages 120-121 I created a copy of RxPlayground in /Users/gs/RxSwift-02-starter/. When I ran ./, Xcode launched successfully and seemed to create the .xcworkspace file. But warnings from Xcode when I built it have stopped me going further.

Xcode (10.2.1) issued 12 warnings. I resolved 3 deprecated Swift code warnings but there are 3 more warnings I don’t understand.

[1] call to a never-returning function (7 times)
A call to a never-returning function

  • Zip+arity.swift*
  • Will never be executed*

[2] SwiftLint is not installed (once)
Custom shell script SwiftLint runs for 0.1 seconds. The first two commands that appear to use different paths

PhaseScriptExecution SwiftLint /Users/gs/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/RxSwiftPlayground-hhefrghxicxgokdfidtofqjpnqem/Build/Intermediates.noindex/ (in target: RxSwift)
cd /Users/gs/RxSwift-02-starter/RxPlayground/Libs/RxSwift

[3] ‘Hashable.hashValue’ is deprecated (once)

*'Hashable.hashValue' is deprecated as a protocol requirement; conform type 'BagKey' to 'Hashable' by implementing 'hash(into:)' instead*

I should also mention I that recently upgraded MacOS to 10.15 Beta just before starting these tutorials. Will I need to be use a later edition of this tutorial ? what do I need to do to get rid of these warnings ?

@greg_s Do you still have issues with this?

Yes, but I need to do more homework before I return to it. In the meantime you should focus on other issues. Thanks.