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Video Tutorial: Introduction to CloudKit Part 2: Containers and Databases

Learn about two fundamental objects used throughout the entire CloudKit API: Containers and Databases.

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Hi Brian,

Great tutorial series. I was wondering if it could be possible to send location related notifications to just specific devices using cloudkit?

Hi Brian,

Great turorial. Would be awesome if the course could be updated with information on how to use a “share”.

When we update the series, I’ll make sure to look into that.

iOS 10 by Tutorials indicates that iCloud is no longer an option for CoreData, can we use CloudKit in its place?

Just doing a cursory look, I’m not seeing any concrete solutions purposed. Here’s an interesting look during WWDC:

There is a project called Seam which replicated iCloud with Core Data using CloudKit. You can find it here:

That said, it will be interesting to keep an eye on this in next year’s WWDC. Thanks for the heads up … I had no idea!

Hi friends

How to download game balance via CloudKit?

I want to download “.plist” files to my users (and update it) is it real to do with CloudKit?

If yes, how can i do it?