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Hi there, I am Bekzod Rakhmatov.

I have been a project for a couple of months and I am having an issue with UIInterfaceOrientation.
My entire app is in Landscape mode but there are a few view controllers are in Portrait mode. I implemented some code for handling these problems. It was working when there was not storyboard. After creating a storyboard i have starting getting this issue. Actually shouldAutorotate method is not being called. And I use base view controller and some of them inherence from the base view controller.
If somebody has solution to this problem please help me.

Thanks in advance.

@bekzodrakhmtov - I have had many nightmares concerning auto rotate over the years. I’ve fixed them in various ways and then forgotten about them.

So I can’t give you a definitive reply. It depends.

Here’s a possible solution: It could also be an issue with auto layout.