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Using Xcode: Version 10.2.1 - final CatNap project - Chapter 7: Scene Editor


I ran the original final CatNap project from chapter 7. And It runs great!. However, (using the scene editor) I changed the RotateToAngle Action duration property from its current value of 2 to 1 and the changed it back to 2 (so the editor will detect that the file has change). And then save the Cat.sks file. Run it again and the cat tail WILL NOT animate.

Any Ideas what’s going on?



The cat node has a tendency to get paused. This can be fixed by doing

isPaused = false

inside of func didMoveToScene() in the class CatNode.

Also, when you get to them, do

catAwake.isPaused = false

in func wakeUp(), and

catCurl.isPaused = false

in func curlAt(scenePoint: CGPoint).

It is possible to avoid getting isPaused set to True while using the storyboard, but it takes vigilance, so fixing it in code is easier.

Here is one of the old posts on the topic (search phrase is “like a boss”). The last post is on not letting it get tweaked on the storyboard.

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