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Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints Tutorial

In this Unreal Engine 4 blueprints tutorial, you will learn how to use blueprints to create a player character, set up inputs and make an item disappear when the player touches it.

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Tommy, thanks for the excellent tutorial. I really appreciate your approach and writing style. I’m learning a lot from you. Keep 'em coming.


Thank God !!! … I hope to see more tutorials / courses on Unreal 4, not only Unity3D.


Every Unreal input tutorial appears to bypass one thing in common. They all begin to explain how to accept input and handle movement, explain the high level overview of input, detail movement, but never go back and explain handling input that is not using predefined methods.
I have read through numerous tutorials in an attempt to add the “shoot” component, but only get so far as to handle a collision. While I can trigger the collision with input, there is seldom a way to have the player respond to input directly without necessarily being the result of a collision.
I did, however, manage to figure it out through the combination of this and other tutorials.

Once adding the input action in the Editor inputs, I went to the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint and called the InputAction MyAction and used the following two tutorials to form a link between the input and a specific player action (with animation).

This tutorial is more than six months old, so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you! :]