Universal Scene Size Change for New iPhone X Aspect Ratio?

Hello! I’m a big fan of your book and it has helped me so much! However, I have a slight confusion because of the new iPhone X screen size and aspect ratio when it comes to making your games (i’m sorry if i’m just eager and this will be covered in the new book update next week haha)

When setting up the scene to be universal, would the same scene size (2048x1536) still be used? Or would this now change because of the new aspect ratio of the iPhone X? I have tried your game (and my own games) on the iPhone X simulator, and they work fine with just some more the scene being cut off the sides, however I wasn’t sure if we need to change universal scene size now or not.


Matt :smiley:

I also have this question. I’ve loosely followed the book – in particular the parts about the aspect ratio of the screen and the playable area, but I’m ending up with UI elements that are behind the “notch” on the iPhone X simulator.

How can we detect the iPhone X and then resize the GameScene to shift everything below the notch, effectively leaving a black bar at the top that includes the notch?

Also looking for information on how to account for the iPhone X’s aspect ratio/size for the games in the book.

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