Understanding touch/pencil prediction on the new iPad Pro 10.5

Having recently bought an iPad Pro 10.5 I have noticed odd behaviour when handwriting in some apps, most notably OneNote 16.2.1:

Top is the older iPad Pro 9.7, bottom, the new device: same note, same pencil, same person writing.

I found a nice pencil tutorial on this website and following it, I seem to find that the stroke prediction on both devices (9.7 vs 10.5) is different:

image from 9.7

image from 10.5

It seems the new device is much more erratic.

I am wondering if this is by design or if this is an issue specific to my HW (or a sample of the HW).

Native Apple Notes is not affected but some third party ones are.

I find it very hard to find any kind of other user experiences on this , e.g. from other 10.5/OneNote users or even developers…

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