UISplitViewController multi detail views and state restore

I have set up a split view controller with a UINavigationController as the detail view, and it has a root view controller, detailview1.
The master view is a table view that calls a different show detail segue based on the cell that was selected. So far so good, and this shows different detail views.

My issue is when I do a state restore I cannot get the detail view to load the detail view that was segued into the detail. The master view works but the detail view always shows detail1 no matter what I do. I am thinking that there is either a better way to change child views, but I wanted to keep them in the storyboard, or dump the split view entirely for a custom made split view.

I have tried to find advanced best practice tutorials or information on the correct way to switch out detail views, but so far everything seems to segue from the master view or is kinda hacky.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @dexxta,
not 100% sure how you’re doing that - some code helps to look at your methodology and find the issue or suggest a solution.

However without looking at the code, one thing that I would suggest is that when you restore, try to switch/change the table manually.



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