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tvOS multichannel example?

I’ve just begun with “tvOS Apprentice” and it looks very promising.

My ultimate goal is to build multi-channel tvOS app that plays collections of mp4 vids, plus a live streaming channel.

Each channel will have multiple levels, like this as you drill down:

Channel icon on app home page -> listing of mp4 vids within channel -> info about a particular mp4 vid in channel -> vid player

One channel will actually be a collection of several “series”, drilling down like this:

Channel icon on app home page -> listing of several vid series within that channel -> listing for vids within a particular series -> info about a particular vid in series -> vid player

I’d love to find a pre-constructed tvOS app that would give me some pointers about how to structure such channels, listings, and series. Anyone point me in the direction of such an example?

Hi @perrycbrown, that’s awesome to hear about beginning the tvOS Apprentice! I’d suggest after going through the book to try out your goal and see what you can develop on your own. However, if you do a search on outlets such as Github (ex: “tvOS app language:swift”) you might find an app that has components that would help you. Happy coding!


Hi @gdelarosa, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to “reinvent the wheel” as I begin my project, and I have looked at github code somewhat. The projects there that might be applicable to my work seem to be require an update from Swift 2 to Swift3, as I remember, and that alone carries complications.

I’ll keep looking, and thanks!

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