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Top 10 Most Popular iOS Tutorials on

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular iOS Tutorials on — check out which tutorials topped the leaderboard!

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To answer what windows user are trying to learn. I have both a windows computer and also a mac. So I play the video on my windows and then follow along on and code on the Mac. Also my work computer is also windows and I have been known to play a video or two at work. :]

From Latin America, a humble representative from Chile :blush:. Active reader and books buyer.

Passionate representative from Denmark :nerd: Active reader and books buyer. Keep up the fantastic work your are doing for the community. Hoping for some more in-depth tutorials on Metal both in context of graphics as well as general-purpose computing.

Hi there,

I’m from The Netherlands.
Following Ray from the beginning (when there was not much to find on iOS )

Could you please show the whole list of countries? :wink:

Tanks for all the good stuff.

Heh. Glad you are able to enjoy the videos that way. When I was younger I’d get a bit frustrated about having to watch video tutorials, and code (or do 3D modeling) on a 1028x768 monitor. Now we have multiple devices, tablets, or phones :smiley:

Yay! Gracias por visitar el sitio. A humble representative of Ecuador here :smiley:

Thanks for visiting the site, hope you’re enjoying the books, videos, and tutorials.

I’m not sure about more in-depth metal and GFX tutorials coming up, but hopefully there’s still plenty of content for you to enjoy :slight_smile:

Thank you for visiting the site all these years, and remaining active in the community :slight_smile:

Some of us are looking at your site from a Windows computer at work. Might explain some of the statistics.

Appreciate you Ray, Brian and the crew.