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This book has been released or still in early stage?


this book has been released or still in early stage?

if not released, when will release?


Hi @yangwulong1978, from this link here, it does note that the book “is in Early Access”. So you can purchase the book now and once the “update to the complete digital edition” is ready you would get a free update for that. Also seems like the estimated final release date will be in late Spring 2018. Hope this clears some things up for you.



@yangwulong1978 Thanks very much for your question!

As @gdelarosa correctly pointed out, while it is still in early stage right now, the current version of the book is 0.9.1, which means the first official release is around the corner, AND you get lifetime updates with each purchase.

I also wish to point out that I’m currently going through the book right now, and it is a very well written book, by an extremely bright individual whom I’m fortunate to know on our team. A lot of work has gone into this effort, so my advice is honestly not to delay, and purchase it right away in order to reap the benefits. I’m only saying this because this book is one of the only one’s out in the market which discusses this very important topic in the latest version of Swift :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!


Any version update? Two months pass still 0.91?


Hi @yangwulong1978,
Yes it is still at 0.91 for now and I believe a release is coming soon. That’s all I can confirm for now.




The 1.0 release is here.


When is the release expected…any confirmed date for same


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Hi @purevolt, as @brianlawson mentioned, an updated version (1.0) is available in the store.

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I have got this book, it is a very good book. thanks for great work.

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