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Learn all about table views: one of the most common tools in iOS development. Display and manipulate data in customizable table views while practicing fundamental concepts used across iOS & UIKit.

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Thank you so much for creating this course Catie! Just what I need

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After completing the code for Table View Diffable Data Source, I got the following errors

  1. The starterData array - all elemets
    //RayWenderlichBeginnerCourse/Lessons/MyLibrary_TableViewCtlr/MyLibrary_TableViewCtlr/Library.swift:33:54: Missing argument for parameter ‘readMe’ in call

  2. //RayWenderlichBeginnerCourse/Lessons/MyLibrary_TableViewCtlr/MyLibrary_TableViewCtlr/Library.swift:109:81: Value of type ‘Book’ has no member ‘id’

We did not give any default value to Book.readMe in this chapter. Also we did not define an id property for Book. I made it work by providing readMe: ‘true’ for all elements of starterData. Secondly I deleted the loadBooks, saveBooks methods as they are not being used in this chapter. I guess the Diffable Data Source Materials are out of sync for this chapter.

I moved ahead with the next chapter Adding and Deleting rows. I had to blindly make the changes in Book.swift, which I could not find where they are discussed in the earlier tutorials. Midway through the chapter after Save and Cancel implementation is completed, the code throws several errors in compilation. Now I’m stuck. Please help.

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Hi there! Thanks very much for letting me know. I got the final version of the materials mixed up with an earlier iteration. I’m sorry for the confusion!

I’ve updated the materials for all of the episodes in part 3. You shouldn’t need to make any changes to Book.swift after the ones covered in the Diffable Data Source episode, and the new Library file shouldn’t cause you any more grief.

Hi Katie, great job on the presentation.

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@cassette @drewgost Really glad you like it!

@drewgost Do you still have issues with your deleted post?

I am at the 6th chapter on the 1st part now and from about the 5th episode things are a bit harder to follow. Line after line code is just been added without mentioning what we are doing and why we are doing it.