SwiftUI or UIKit for a beginner?

I’ve been attempting to learn iOS programming using UIKit. Now there is SwiftUI and I’m confused as to which one I should be focused on. Should I focus on UIKit? Or should I now switch to Swift UI? Please help. Thank you.

Hi @kiwiandthemango,
This is a very popular question that many think about. There is some discussion on this here (Brand new app SwiftUI or UIKit).


Thank you, I appreciate it.

My recommendation is to learn UIKit because you must! Learn SwiftUI because you will need it! I doubt I am saying anything that you haven’t read yet. But as a Lead Developer, I have started to integrate SwiftUI into my company’s production app. It is awesome and fun. But, like most code bases out there, UIKit is going to live a long time after SwiftUI becomes more popular.

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