Swift Apprentice Updated for Xcode 7.3

Our popular book for Swift beginners, the Swift Apprentice, is now fully updated for Xcode 7.3!

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What happened to “Swift by Tutorials”? Is it discontinued?
Buy this book and see it phased out, I am very disappointed.

hi, and if i bought it from amazon i can’t see the updates?
thank you

@tomhawk: the answer won’t please you, but yes, it was discontinued in October. You should have received an email in October, when the iOS 9 Feast started, telling you about the discontinuing of ‘Swift by Tutorials’, its replacement by ‘The Swift Apprentice’, and the discount you would have received on the new book to compensate for the common content.

@boardmain: I’m not sure. I’d guess that the link in the introduction to your hardcopy book would still let you download the updated project files, but as the book won’t be on your Loot page you wouldn’t get the updated PDF. I will check to make sure I have that right, though.

@narrativium is right on both counts.

@tomhawk Here’s the announcement that explains why we made a new book (the Swift Apprentice) rather than updating Swift by Tutorials: https://www.raywenderlich.com/113226/introducing-the-ios-9-feast

@boardmain We’ve updated the source code for folks who bought the print version - the link to download that is in the introduction of the book. If you want the PDF, as a print version customer you can get it for 50% off. Details on how to do that are also explained in the introduction to the book.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

I have a bit of knowledge of Objective C - will I get confused if I start learning Swift - or is Swift the way forward ?
Advice please !

I think if you already know Objective-C it will make learning Swift even easier :] In my opinion, Swift is definitely the way forward and is something every iOS developer should know. Hope that helps!

Great advice - thanks Ray :slight_smile: