Strange behaviour: need to select two rows in the Checklists view before going to the 1st selected row

Hi everyone, I am currently going through the second chapter of iOS apprentice (p166-ish for 4th edition) . Here’s a behaviour I can’t explain in the view that displays all the checklists:

  • press a row, it goes grey but nothing happens;
  • press another row, this then takes you to the first list selected.
    All other behaviour is normal and I managed to finish part 8 of the chapter getting everything else to work as expected.
    Any ideas where I’ve gone wrong? Thanks!

Sounds like you used the method didDeselectRowAtIndexPath instead of didSelect.

Ah, of course I did! The easiest things are somehow always the hardest to find… :wink:

Thanks very much! That solves it…

I’ve done that too! Autosuggest, it’s just too easy sometimes to select the function that looks close to what you want.