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Split Area - Scale, Cut territory

Let me present you an application.

This is a puzzle game in which you have to cut off the territory without touching the ball to pass through level after level. The principle is not complicated, but do not be seduced, at the same time to predict the trajectory of the ball and quickly act not so easy.

The goal of this game is to cut the board into small enough pieces and capture the balls in the smallest areas possible! You need to cut and shrink the board, placing the slicers in the right places and not touch the ball.

Before placing the slicer, pay attention to the ball, predict the trajectory of its movement and don’t let it touch your line before the split is complete or you lose a life.



● Endless mod - This is the best place to compete with your friends for the champion title! Collect a maximum number of points and compare your records with your friends!
● Level map - consists of levels of varying difficulty, it gets harder as it goes on, especially when there are more balls!
● A set of free thematic balls will make your game even more exciting and your balls more attractive!

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@brainsoft-apps Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

Hi guys! How was your game today)?

Looks good, congratulations

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Guys, you should try it right now!

Have you tried all balls?

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