Source code for files for ZombieConga missing iPad Pro app icon

Hi all,

I just downloaded the files for the 2D iOS book, and it looks like there isn’t an app icon for the iPad Pro. Xcode is looking for something @2x and 83.5pt. I wasn’t able to find that size in the files or by googling for it.

Is this something that can be provided, or maybe instructions on how to create our own?


Hey Dan, great time to try out an image editor. All you need to do is create an image that is 167 pixels square (i.e. 86.5 x 2) and drag it into the image catalog (Assets.xcassets) under iPad Pro App. If you just want to kill the warning for your own peace of mind you will get reasonable results grabbing the iPad 76 x 2x icon and simply resizing it.

Resizing worked perfectly, of course. Thanks!