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Siri Shortcuts Tutorial in iOS 12 |


In this iOS 12 tutorial, you’ll learn how to build Siri Shortcuts for your app to surface in Spotlight as well as command Siri with your voice.

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I read your tutorial and wrote my own siri intent enabled app. Everthing works fine so far. There is only one problem. I always get back a generic answer, if siri runs my intent. I have created an intent and set a custom failure and success text. But Siri never says the text. I only get “OK. Posted” as response. I have the same problem with you final sample?

Do you have any idea what`s wrong? I use iOS 12.1.1.


The sample code has errors. I can’t get it to compile.


Please tell us exactly what you’re seeing.


Hey guys,

Great tutorial. It is missing one important part though. It doesn’t cover the Add to Siri button functionality that was demoed at the WWDC2018. I have been playing with that option but there are some issues with it.

Going over the Soup Chef app from Apple, it works for them well, show the Added to Siri tick when the shortcut is already setup. But I can’t seem to get the same functionality going. Stackoverflow also seems to be very confused about the situation.

Any thoughts?


@dankorkelia Do you still have issues with this?


Hi, this tut is really nice. Congrats!

I have one question: how have you added the “Intents” and “IntentsUI” frameworks to the “starter” version of the project?



@gazdaddy Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]