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Show contacts along with geocoder results

Update: The below boils down to using an array of different object types as a data source for a table view

Include [CNContact] along with [MKLocalSearchCompletion] for navigation or alike . . . for requesting a location using MKLocalSearchCompletion, MKLocalSearch.Request(completion: searchCompletion) is used

I am wondering how I would go about including a CNContact in the search completion list and then request its location for navigation

I think vCard GEO attribute should be used in priority if it’s there. Then if there are multiple addresses, i guess one could be used arbitrarily.

There’s more, considering we have an address, there might be multiple search result. We can reasonably assume it’s ok to take the first result.

Photo metadata are generated by the file hook. How could we proceed for Contacts? Is there a hook when a contact is created/updated? Or should we access contact database on each Maps page load? It would be smart to make the address search just once and store the result coordinates in Maps DB