Server-Side Swift with Vapor, Episode 9: Creating a Model |

In this episode, learn how to use Fluent to create a model and save it in the database.

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I have an M1 Mac and really do not want to install Docker Desktop (Because it is not yet officially released for ARM / M1, the license has changed to disallow use on a machine used for commercial development, and because of all the extra stuff it installs.)

Any option to run under Ubuntu/Linux? Can I just skip this section of the course and get something out of the following sections? Thanks!

So to clarify - Docker Desktop is released for M1, as are the containers, it’ doesn’t install VirtualBox anymore and is free for commercial use if your revenue is less that $10 million. I highly recommend using it.

You can follow along and run under Ubuntu fine and use non-Docker containers if you want. You can even run a database by installing a Postgres server on you Mac/Ubuntu machine and configuring it to connect to that instead of using Docker

I think I am going to try to go the non-Docker route and just use a Ubuntu VM. The post I found online says the M1 version was not officially released … very glad to hear otherwise.

The Docker page says:

Do I need to pay to continue to use Docker Desktop?

Docker Desktop can be used for free as part of a Docker Personal subscription for: small companies (fewer than 250 employees AND less than $10 million in annual revenue), personal use, education, and non-commercial open source projects.

My employer is certainly larger than this … though only a very tiny percentage of us are developers. I suppose I could argue that this is for personal study and not work, but it seems a complicated way to go…

Unless you’re following the tutorial to build something for your employer then you’re fine. If you are building something for your employer, then a) awesome you’re using Vapor! :tada: and b) you’ll need to ask them as IANAL