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SendPushes.php problem

The IOS BigSurf no longer comes with pdo_pgsql driver for PHP. This IOS is the last to include PHP in the build.

There is no Brew to compile it that I can find.

Hi @manuelking, going to ping @gargoyle to see if he can possibly help out with this question.


I’m not sure what you mean. There’s definitely a php package from brew. That’s the one I use. I have never used the Apple provided php.

Sorry I was not expressive: The announcement in bfew when I was installing PHP was that This is the last version (BigSurf) to include PHP preinstalled.

This version does not come with the drives for PDO_pgsql. When I tried to compile the drivers with Brew. It failed as there seems to be no Brew Script to do this. This link is to similar issue.

I went to the refferal to update the brew as recommended yet unable to complete as the Brew Task still does not seem to be in the update.

And you tried the directions at macOS 11.0 Big Sur Apache Setup: Upgrading Homebrew | Grav CMS?

I’m using Big Sur, and I have PHP 8.0.7 which is installed/updated from Homebrew. Unfortunately I can’t provide support for installing homebrew so I’ll have to point you to for help on getting that working if it’s failing for some reason, as it’s unrelated to iOS development.