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Section III, and Apple Documentation > Core ML & Create ML

I have been reading over the Apple Developer - Documentation > Core ML & Create ML

Both seem to have a connection to NLP - Natural Language Processing.

But - Section III - doesn’t seem to follow what is being said in the Apple Documents.

Am I just confusing myself by trying to Understand the New, Apple Documents ?

Should I just wait for the Machine Learning book to be updated ?

Your thoughts on it ? Pease !

Hi @catzshadowy, sorry for the late reply, but I somehow missed this post until today. The first edition of the book was written before Apple added much support for NLP, so it doesn’t use much built-in stuff. The updated chapters should use some of Apple’s newer NLP features, but I didn’t work on the updates and don’t know exactly how much made it in. So I guess I’m saying you should check out the latest version of the NLP chapters to see if they help, but there could still be some features that Apple supports that aren’t covered.