Section 3 Chapter 25

When putting all the constraints in for this chapter the row “Address Detail Label” is off for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone Xr. Attached photo for demonstration.

Not sure why this behaves like this…?

@mcneils Thanks very much for your question!

Can you provide the code for the constraints you’ve used? Are you using storyboards or code? Because you’re using a UITableViewCell, you should be re-using the same cell class to create each row, instead of creating them individually.

First ensure that you are using a single UITableViewCell to generate your rows, and then take a look at the constraints that you’re using for the label.

I hope this helps!

All the best.

I am using storyboards, I also checked to see if this was the same issue in the given resources from the book, and their display on the iPhone XS and Xr also matches my code. And since these are static cells, all I did was increase the number of cells that I want to display within each section. Therefore each row is definitely a UITableViewCell.

Also, my constraints match those of the given resources.

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