Scam Email pretending to come from raywenderlich


Just want to let you guys know to beware of this email. I just got it today, and knew it was a phish or scam email. So don’t click on the link and update your account.


This is not a scam email - this came from us.

oh, that is the same email I got - it asks me to purchase the annual subscription I just paid again. How is that not a scam.

Ok my bad, ignore my previous post. I thought it was odd that I was ask to update my account by clicking on a link. I didn’t click on a link. Instead went to straight to websites and login. And no where did it ask for me update my info.

@joosty The reason you’re being asked to update your account is because we have switched to a new payment platform. It helps us out if people all switch over to the new platform, but it is not required, which is why we are giving a free gift as a thank you.

It does mean that you would be charged for another year right now. You have two options:

1) Renew your subscription now. This would mean you’d be charged the yearly fee again, but our system takes into account the number of months and days left from your last payment and adds them to this billing period. This makes sure you get credit for what you’ve already paid towards the subscription. We know this is not ideal, but you’d get a free PDF book as a gift for your investment!

2) Wait and renew your subscription when your yearly subscription is up. You won’t lose access to your account, don’t worry :]

@xenoki If you don’t want to click the link in the email, go to, click the buttons to change your subscription, and follow the prompts.

Please let me know if you have any more questions, and thank you so much for bearing with us as we switch to a new platform!

I pay monthly, and am not interested in paying yearly… please add that option
Sending out an email with a link for convinence is a big no no really… it is a scamming method
and with you email coming from different places all the time, it is hard to know if it is safe

@dhurgan: I had a look at your account, and you should definitely have had the monthly option when upgrading. Can you please email us directly at and we’ll get this sorted out for you? We can likely roll back your pending transaction and ensure you can select the monthly option. Thanks!