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RobotRampage_BotBall_v1 won't spin

Hi, i’m reading the chapter 10 of the book and I’m at the part when the game object RobotRampage_BotBall_v1 should rotate with the transform animation. I did all correctly as written in the book but when I run the game in play mode the RobotRampage_BotBall_v1 won’t spin at all. In another way the animation works properly when I manually run it on animation window.

Can you get a picture of your RobotRampage_BotBall_v1 inspector?

@danieleciti Do you still have issues with this?

Hi Sorry for the late reply. I’ll reply this evening with the picture required. Anyway yes, I’m still experiencing the issue with the latest version of Unity.

You have no controller for it.

If you need to review how to make it look on page 161

@danieleciti Do you still have issues with this?

No. Solved. Sorry for my late reply.

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