Responding to taps on accessories in a TableViewCell

In the post How to know when accessory view is tapped, the conclusion to question (how to respond to a tap on an accessory view appears to be only partially correct. I just wanted to make sure it is…

In the documentation for TableViews (, it looks like the method will only be called for the Detail button… not the indicators/checkmarks/etc.

“Use this method to respond to taps in the detail button accessory view of a row. The table view does not call this method for other types of accessory views.”


@charlesthomas Do you still have issues with this?

hi @charlesthomas,
AFAIK, apple classifies the icon at the end of a tableview cell as an accessory, this can be of any kind, when it is it is an accessory. The link to the other post where you have the function should work for all. If it is not working, could you post your code where you are trying to get it to work.


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