RealityKit part, slight disappointment

Hi everyone. I apologise for coming with some critique, but I’d like to know your opinion on the course.

I feel disappointment about the RealityKit part of the course. It seems that the author of this course wanted to create an experience as human friendly as possible. But the downside of it is that it teaches very little.

It’s set around some mainly cool viral features such as FaceTracking, ImageTracking, or RealityComposer in general. But it doesn’t bring you anywhere close to create experiences that Apple attaches to its WWDCs. Those are, from my point of view, complicated at the highest level.

It seems that there is no course that could guide through the beginner stage, right until intermediate.

What are your opinions? I am genuinely curious. Maybe there is a chance for the course to get some serious update?

Or am I overreacting?


I share your disappointment. I am hoping for a new release of this book that would methodically introduce ECS and RealityKit 2.0 as Apple’s documentation is basically nonexistent!

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I do hope that the new release will shift the focus further from the RealityComposer.

I need to ask you if you had a chance to find some interesting courses, sources of knowledge in the meanwhile? Thanks.

Totally agree, they should remove the scenekit part and replace it with proper chapter about RealityKit. And I would really like to see the integration between ARKit & RealityKit.

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