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RealityKit code samples

Hello Ray Wenderlich team. WIll we be getting book updates with the sample projects using RealityKit? It seems like Apple is pushing RealityKit as the preferred framework to write AR apps rather than ARKit. It would be awesome to see the Portal project using the new framework.

RealityKit is more a replacement of SceneKit than ARKit. In fact I think it’s been designed to seamlessly integrate with ARKit in a better way than SceneKit does.

Since ARKit by Tutorials focuses on ARKit, the version in the works doesn’t include a port to RealityKit (although there will be a new chapter dedicated to that topic) - at least not in this update.

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Thanks for the update. I hope we can get ported versions of the sample code in RealityKit in the book or perhaps get a book dedicated to RealityKit. I think most people would use RealityKit over SceneKit due to better integration with ARKit and framework features.

Would love to see a whole book dedicated to Reality Kit! Looks like you can do a lot with it when you integrate it into a full project like apple’s example

Thanks for this information.
In your ARbytutorials book in chapter 25 (thanks for the 2019 update! very much appreciated!) image detection is described. I am wondering if the new RealityKit can be used rather than the “old” SceneKit for those examples?
Most of all I would be interested to learn if and how AR image detection can be used in the swiftui environment. Does that work at all?
Thanks for considering.

I think that if any of the chapters will migrate to RealityKit, it will happen in the next major book update (i.e. after the next WWDC, unless Apple releases a new major version of ARKit before that).