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Question about ignored properties


First of all, great book! Really enjoying it so far.
My question is regarding different types of ignoring properties.

What is the difference between a dynamic property stored in ignoredProperties() and a non-dynamic property? Neither the first, nor the second should be persisted, right?

If so, then what is the point of setting a non-persistent property as dynamic in the first place, considering it is going to be ignored anyway?

Thanks for the help.


Neat question :slight_smile: This is mostly because the @dynamic behavior has changed across swift versions and the same API also serves Objective-C. Ignoring properties via ignoredProperties() is the consistent cross-language behavior; ignoring properties via not making them dynamic is a side-effect of the Swift specifics. If you only use the API in Swift - you can use either :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clearing that up.