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Programming in Swift · Properties | Ray Wenderlich


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The video is stuck at the 8:40 mark? I tried reloading the webpage many times but can’t get the video to continue playing…


It’s working over here mate. ( past 8:40 )

Have you tried another browser/device?



@renderingpixels Please let me know if you still have this issue when you get a chance. Thank you!


I’m just going through this course now, and the video is not getting hung up. (Chrome v71).
I did however notice something else about this lesson, and a small issue with the supplied starter Playground.

The part where we call the ‘summonMagicalCreature’ function did not initially work for me. The problem is that the summonMagicalCreature.swift file is located in the Sources folder for the ‘Challenge - Properties’ page and not the ‘Properties’ page. I created a new file in the Sources folder of the ‘Properties’ page and copied and pasted the summonMagicalCreature code to get it to work.


Thanks so much for letting us know! I updated the starter playground for this part and put summonMagicalCreature in the right place. :]