Programming in Swift - Part 57: Part 6: Classes: | Ray Wenderlich

Let's review where you're at with your Swift core concepts, and discuss what's next.

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Hi Ray,

I cannot find the mentioned course “Your second app in iOS 11”


It will be posted on the site tomorrow, stay tuned :]

Ray this course is outstanding! Congratulations on all your hard work.
Ray for Professor of the Year!

Great course Ray. It really helped solidify my understanding of Swift concepts. Several syntax elements that I just could grasp suddenly became clear.
Keep up the great work!


Even though my brain is on fry mode, this has been an amazing course! I learned a lot. Thank you to everyone at Ray Wunderlich!

Thanks so much for the kind comments all, I’m so glad you enjoyed the course! Thanks for subscribing and supporting all we do on this site.

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Best course ever, It definitely worth my money, little by little I feel close to a better professional life! Thanks (next ones I will love you touch deeply memory management with instruments and core bluetooth)

Great course. You’re smashing it Ray.

Good theory, good practice, i need more time to grab some concepts so I hope that with the second app i will understand better.